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Morgan Dollars for Sale

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I have the following Morgan Dollars for sale. These prices DO NOT include shipping. I will send photos if you are interested.



1888O..BU PL.....$25 SOLD

1890O..VF......$15 SOLD









1890....CH AU...$24 SOLD

1899S....VG...$12 SOLD




My refund policy is..... If you are not happy with the coin, a complete refund, including the initial shipping charges, will be cheerfully given. (a PM first please)



Thanks for your interest.



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The coloring in the photos isn't very good. The photo shows a hint of yellow or gold coloring. This is not present on the coin. It is a white coin. There is one tiny dark spot on the edge of the coin at the 9:00 position. And it does reflect a ruler to a minimum of 2".


Thank you for your interest.

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Just from the photo, It looks dipped, no luster left.Is there a return policy with you?


Sorry it took me so long to respond. Your comment about the possibility that the coin had been dipped concerned me, so I took it to a coin shop and had the guy look at it. FWIW, he thought it was an excellent coin for the money. He compared it to a similar coin he had graded as an MS63 (PCGS). He said it did not appear to be dipped but if it was it was many years ago and the luster was not impaired.


As far as my refund policy is concerned, it is as follows:


The coins will be portrayed as accurately as possible in photographs. I will not willingly misrepresent a coin or it's grade. I use the Red Book, Coin-Gallery Online - Grading U.S. Coins and the links provided by Stujoe (thank you , Stu) . Also some of the coins were graded by someone prior to my receiving them. As for cleaned, dipped, whizzed, buffed, scrubbed coins, I don't do it.


If upon receiving the coin you feel that the coin was misrepresented, a complete refund, including the initial shipping charges, will be cheerfully given. If you require a refund, please send me a PM within 3 days of receiving the coin and detail the problem you encountered.


I will not offer refunds for buyer's remorse.


Thank you,



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