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The CoinPeople.com Mint - One Dollar Hosting Rules

Guest Stujoe

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This is to have fun and be creative and to help us learn a little more about each other. In that spirit, the rules are not particularly long or arduous. However, there are a few things that need to be done to make this a successful endeavor. They are as follows...


1. Each member desiring to host a coin will sign up to host in the applicable hosting thread.


2. When the host receives the coin, They will show it a good time and take it out and about their local area. They will take pictures, either digital or film which will document the coins travels with them.


3. The host will not put the coin in any kind of coin holder. The coins like to breath fresh air and to be handled and circulated.


4. Do not clean the coin or try to make it look better. The coin is expected to pick up a little grime and circulation hits during its travels.


5. The host will keep the coin for no longer than 10 days before readying it for shipment to the next host.


6. The host will scratch, etch, or engrave their initials into the coin. A ball point pen is suitable for this but other methods are appropriate too. Please ensure that the initial are kept fairly small to save space on the coin.


7. After the ten days is up, the host will contact Stujoe by PM. Stujoe will clarify shipping procedures and provide the name of the next host. The current host will then contact the next host for shipping information. The next host will provide a complete and valid address to ship the coin to.


8. The current host will then package the coin securely and ship it to the next host. In the US, the coin will be shipped in a box, by Priority Mail, with Insurance of $25 and Delivery Confirmation. This will cost approximately $6. Outside the US, it will be shipped in a similar manner depending upon local postal regulations.


9. After the coin is shipped to the next host, the prior host will write a text description of the coin's adventures with them. They will post that description in the One Dollar forum or PM that description to Stujoe and he will post it.


10. In addition, the prior host will provide the pictures of the coin's adventures to Stujoe either by way of Email, CoinPeople Photo Album, or other web location.


11. Stujoe will format the description and pictures and post the travelogue for the coins adventure.


12. When the coin reaches the new host, the cycle repeats.


Remember to have fun, be creative, and provide a picture and description. Those are what will make the project work.

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