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K-388 ALBRECHT DÜRER, 1928, Struck Silver, 60.6mm, Wt.44.60g, edge-stamped ‘Bayer Hauptmunzamt – Fiensilber (Munich Mint), Choice UNC.


A German painter, engraver, medalist, and writer, this medal commemorates the 400th year of his death (1528 – 1928).


Obverse: Bust left with rim inscription “Albrecht Dürer 1528-1928”


Reverse: Putto in right foreground holds monogram in left hand while embracing an elaborately winged helmet which rests on the Dürer Family coat of arms with crest. Inscription “Deutschen – Meister – Ehrt – Eure” (Honor Thy German Masters).


This piece was also made in; Silver 36mm, Cast Bronze 120mm (RR), Struck Gold 36mm & 60mm ( R ), and Platinum 36mm (RRR).




Albrecht Dürer

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Incredible portrait :ninja:

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I could wildly imagine this being a 5 Mk commemorative

A very similar portrait was indeed used on a 3 Mark commem issued in the same year (1928):



That portrait (by Rolf Nidda-Rümelin) is based on a 16c medal made by Hans Schwarz. Interestingly, both the 5 DM coin and the DDR 10 M piece issued in 1971 have no portrait but the AD monogram only.


By the way, the German inscription on the Goetz medal actually reads "Ehrt Eure Deutschen Meister". But the translation is right. :ninja:



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