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My New 3rd Largest Swedish Coin


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I have always wanted a 1 Ore coin from the reign of Queen Christina of Sweden, these are large size coins and not often found in collectible condition.




This is a significant piece, it was one of the largest bronze milled coins minted up to that time. It is 48MM in diametre, or 1 7/8th inches - just shy of 2". Such a large coin must have necessitated a huge screw press to actually get all the details of the design.


Queen Christina of Sweden was a remarkable monarch, she became Queen of Sweden as a child, and as she grew older and her responsibilities as monarch increased, so evidently did her faith. So much so that incredibly she abdicated and became a nun in the Catholic faith and later moved to Rome. With the exception of one very brief visit to Sweden later in her life, she never again saw the country she once reigned in as monarch. It must have been a mark of her faith that she would give up every trapping of a pampered life and life the life as a nun voluntarily.

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Here is my first piece of plate money:




And the 2 Daler, my largest coin:




How much are they worth? Well these are not for sale. I am still looking for a nice 1/2 Daler and a nice 4 Daler that are not sea salvaged from the wreck of the "Nicobar". Most plate money is, these examples are not, and as such are fairly rare now.

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Kind of hard to determine the price of these for retail purposes. They are not common enough to really be priced anymore. I have seen some sea salvage pieces on feeBay lately that are going for up to $400, but usually in the $150-250 range.


Only very occasionally do you find non sea salvage pieces from old collections. Some of these popped up in a Heritage auction at Long Beach a couple of years back, and examples like these were going for $1300 on up.

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