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Canada: Improved 5 dollars note.


The Bank of Canada plans to issue an improved 5 dollars


note in the second half of 2006.




Haiti: 1,000 gourdes note.


It seems that the 1,000 gourdes notes dated 1999 and 2005 which


were held in reserve by the Banque de la Republique d'Haiti


will be released to circulation very soon.




Iran: New 2000 rials note.


The Central Bank of Iran has issued a new 2,000 rials note on November 5.


The note show Khomeini in one side and a mosque on the other.




Kazakhstan: New notes.


The National Bank of Kazakhstan plans to issue a new series of different


sizes. The denominations planned are 200; 500; 1000; 5000 and 10000






Republic of Korea: New notes.


The Bank of Korea plans to issue a new series of notes of different sizes.




Tunisia: New 10 dinars note.


The Banque Centrale de Tunisie has issued this month a completely new


note of 10 dinars honoring Elyssa, the founder of Carthage. Other details


are available at www.bct.gov.tn.





Bangladesh: New notes


The Bangladesh Bank plans to make its notes of different sizes to prevent


counterfeiters from washing small denomination notes and using the substrate


to forge larger notes. The changed notes are due to be released in 2006.





Bahamas: CRISP notes


Here is the picture of the $10 note of the CRISP (Counterfeit Resistant Integrated


Security Product) family.





Cuba: Pesos Convertibles notes of the 2005 Series.


Ten pesos convertibles notes dated 2005 have appeared in the market. These are


engraved and of much better quality than the 2004 ones. Other denominations may be issued soon




Estonia: Conversion to euro.


Estonia plans to change to the euro very soon. The printing of kroon notes has been halted.




Georgia: New 200 lari note.


The National Bank of Georgia plans to issue a 200 lari note to honor Niko Nilkoladze.


Its release is expected in late 2006.




Mozambique: Currency redenomination.


The Mozambican Parliament approved the redenomination of the monetary unit by


creating a new metical minus three zeroes. New notes and coins are expected to


be released in early 2006.





Hope you found it interesting...



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