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An incredibly three dimensional and beautiful classical bust of Minerva wearing a Corinthian style helmet that caught my eye at the end of August this year. I've used the auction images since my scanner just can't tackle it.


A seldom seen original gilt bronze jeton/ medal produced for the French Royal Antiquarian Society right at the outset of the French Revolution. The designers being Dubois and De Puymaurin.




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The obverse is beautiful in its simplicity. It's a beauty :ninja:

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A similar medal by Wyon from 1814 for the Liverpool Royal Institute:



I like Dubois' work better... :ninja:


That is a really nice medal. Even though I must say that I too prefer Dubois' work, that one of yours would sit quite comfortably in my collection :-). He had his moments.


I get my Godesses mixed up Minerva...Athena.... so i'll shut up as to who is who but here's another neat pice, this time by Desaide. A jeton / medal produced for the masonic lodge `Mont-Sinai' in Paris. I was too lazy to remove it from its temporary housing while i get my collection in order. Any marks you see are actually on the holder.





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