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Bay Bucks Release Special Price


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Traverse City, Michigan, "Bay Bucks" were released November 7, 2005. This community currency serves a northwest Michigan county of 55,000 and its surrounding region. The website Bay Bucks has more information.


About 30 businesses have signed up, including several of Traverse City's "landmark" shops, Oryana Co-op, the Bookie Joint, Neahtawanta Inn, Horizon Books, and Town and Country Real Estate.


Each note displays a plant and an animal from one of the four eco-systems in the region: shoreline, marsh, woodland, and farm. The border is a Petoskey Stone pattern, local to northwestern Michigan.


Numismatists have been offered the opportunity to order Bay Bucks.



BB 5

BB 1

for $40.


The Bay Bucks committee (Traverse Area Community Currency Corporation) will let REGISTERED COIN PEOPLE USERS buy ONE SET for face, BB36 for USD36.  I arranged this with TACCC because the Banknote Forum here is so cool.


You have to say, "I saw this on www.Coin People.Com where my registered username is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _."  You can only buy one set that way.  Any other sets are at the usual numismatist price of BB36 for USD40.

To buy a packet of Bay Bucks,

make your check for $36 out to


PO Box 1951

Travese City, MI 49685


The Traverse Area Community Currency Corporation is licensed as a non-profit under the laws of the State of Michigan. The corporation also registered the name "Bay Bucks."

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