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Got my Guineas!


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Hang on a minute why has GX sent you notes? You're not on his round... you're on my list, and actually i have sent them out!


Tiff gets two batches? Okay i must have messed something up somewhere. Still this is only a small, slight problem soon rectified.


I didn't get a whole series, just these two.

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I think they were a "gift".






Yeah he did have a few spare as i recount... jeeze i hope that's waht it is otherwise it's going to take, oh so much sorting out! Like my own little personal nightmare.



A few of the Sisuian packages (of 10s and 20s) will be slightly delayed due to a few technical problems that have arisen on the original files... this is being remedied. Slowly. :ninja:

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I have the following for trade:


CPGA 10707 (10g)

CPGA 10715 (10g)


Looking for the series A #13 blue 5, green/yellow 10, and pink 20


Also have


CPGB 10614 (10g)

CPGB 10614 (20g)


Need #13 series B 5


I have #13 10 and 20 of the series B :ninja:


All the notes I have are S mint.... If anyone has other mint serials #13 please contact me ;)



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You'll get both sooner or later as you sign up for one you get the other, it just depends which mint is supplying you the notes.


According to the records you are awaiting high denom guineas from Sisu, but there's a delay from that mint at the moment firstly due to technical difficulties with the files and secondly because he's awaiting a shipment of 20s from me, which he'll eventually ship out to the people on his list with the 10s he's printed. I'm shipping the 20s to him on monday, so it might take two weeks or so.

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Ha number 13s he wants!


I have all of those! (At the moment) [i kept serial numbers 1, 12 and 13 off of the series B, and 1 and 13 from A]. Serials 1 and 12 i fully intend to keep myself, but i'm sure i could be persuaded to relinquish my 13s... ;)


All of them?


Well I have CPGB 10613 and CPGB 20613


If you have all of them then we have some dups ;)


I just need the CPGB 05613 (If I understand the serials) in B


I would like all three 13s from series A though also.


Lets make a deal Ætheling :ninja:



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