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2005 Canada Northern Diamonds 20 Dollar Proof


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From the heart of the planet



Fifty billion hears ago, an immense ball of gas begins to cool. As heavier elements sink to the molton core, carbon settles into the semi-fluid mantle. Under tremendous heat and pressure for millions of years, the carbon starts to crystallize.


Humanity first discovers these pure carbon crystals in the ancient riverbeds of India. Traded as early as 800 B.C., diamonds become the knight's coveted talisman during the Middle Ages.


In the 1870's, volcanic pipes penetrtating deep into the earth are discovered near Kinberly, South Africa. As they release pressure from the earth's core, they explode upward with kimberlite, the rare molton rock that carries these carbon crystals to the surface.


2004 Natural Wonders - Northwest Territories Diamonds

Over a century later in Canada's North, geologists discover minerals that indicate the presence of kimberlite - and diamonds. Retracing the endless trails left by thousands of years of glacial activity, they hope to find the source.


In 1991, the discovery of diamonds in the Lac de Gras in Canada's Northwest Territories opens the door to a whole new diamond world. Virtually overnight, Canada rises to the heights of the diamond industry, its first mines unearthing some of the finest gems the world has ever seen.


The coin is minted in 99.99% pure silver, weighs 31.39 gm and is 38 mm in diameter. This proof coin depicts the birthplace of Canada's diamond industry, and features a semi-cut diamond hologram. There is a limited mintage of 25,000.

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