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Poltina 1725


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At first hand, it doesn't seem to be an original but more likely a novodel due to the prooflike features. But comparing the various elements, it seems that the wrong die combinations were used for this coin, which is odd unless it's an undiscovered die variety.


As for which, I am not too sure if this is a genuine or not as I can't quite tell all the elements from the pictures. What is the edge for this coin?

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What is it? Original or restrike?


It is definitely not an original.


It might be a novodel, but doesn't match any of the illustrations in Diakov, so I doubt its authenticity.


If this coin is being offered to you, then I strongly encourage you to seek expert advice before purchasing it.


I hesitate to condemn it because I'm really not certain, but I instinctively don't like the look of it.

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