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Assorted Shillings for your viewing pleasure


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I just love British and Scottish Shillings. The size of the coins are pleasing to me, and some of the designs are incredibly detailed. I don't have many yet, but I'm working on correcting that ;)


1817 George III



1901 Queen Victoria, Veiled Head



1935 George V



1937 George VI



1950 Scottish, George VI



1950 George VI



1953 Scottish, Elizabeth II



1953 Elizabeth II



*edit 'cause I forgot to put the 1935 up here :ninja:

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:ninja: OK, spill it! Where do you shop!!!!!


A variety of places ... The 1817 was from the last local coin show, the 1901 was from a guy at the local coin club, the 1935 was from a local coin shop, the 1937, 1950's and 1953's are from proof (specimen) sets I got from two different guys on another coin forum.

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Sweet...how far is that to a complete schilling type set?


Wow ... not very far at all, I'm afraid. Just from George III onward there will be at least 33 types.

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... sorry ... double posted :ninja:

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If Auldfartte is going down the road of Shilling type set then theres;


George IV Type 1 (garnished shield?)

George IV Type 2 (a different type of shield)

George IV Type 3 (lion on crown)

William IV (This is my favourite!)

Victoria Young

Victoria Jubilee

Edward VII

George V Type 1 (lion on crown with inner circles, this is my fave of the moderns)

George VI Type 1 Scottish

Elizabeth II Type 2 English

Elizabeth II Type 2 Scottish



I did collect shillings but i got fed up of all the English, Scottish variants... doubles the amount of coins you have to get from 1937-1970.


Which was the factor that inevitably led me to switch to sixpences.

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OMG those are nice.... Do you want to get married? :ninja:  ;)


Check with me next spring when I get divorced ;)

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