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Grizzly coin didn't fly with the 'Cat man


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I, personally, prefer the Elk to a Grizzly as Canada did an outstanding Grizzly Bear last year and I really don't think the U.S. Mint could even come close to the same quality. The Elk is a outstanding choice as, if I remember correctly, North Dakota is offering up some more bison next year? I do think Nevada blew it when they passed up the Ram that was designed for them. Would have been by far and away a very distingushed statehood quarter.

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I to would like to see some wildlife. But the powers that be will probably choose another cheezy landscape. I think it's a shame that NO state has choosen to put a native american on their quarter. With all the indians that live in Montana I would have thought that they would have at least made the final 4.


BTW, Thanks for posting this story Tiff, I missed it in the local paper. :ninja:

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