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15 pounds of coins arrived today


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1990 £5. the first of the 5 pound denominated crowns, was available both on a card (this one), and in a pictorial folder (still looking for one).


The Millennium £5 was issued in both 1999 and 2000. It was also issued with a special mintmark to be sold only at the Millennium Dome in Greenwich, which is what this is.


The 2001 commemorative £5 celebrates the Centennial of the death of Victoria and the "Victorian Age".

With these 3 additions, I have cut my wantlist for £5 folders in half.

I still need the following:

  • 1990 £5 Queen Mother's 90th Birthday, pictorial folder.
  • 2000 £5 Millennium, normal issue
  • 2002 Queen Mother's Memorial (I have one of these lined up, will probably purchase tomorrow)
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