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Need some grading help please!


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Take a look at these 1909 wheats. These are all being sold as MS-63. I think from my limited knowledge that they are being graded rather high. But I have seen some other coins slabbed that I thought were over graded also. So maybe ya'll can give me a lesson here if these are indeed correct.



Just so ya'll know I have been reading and studying and trying to teach myself best I can.




Oh yea I forgot as I was adding the pictures the last one was graded a 64.




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Iirc from the redbook grading scale the major indicator is the wheat ears. If you can see a lot of the details there, the coin will grade higher. These three look quite nice. Looks like they grew up on 3 different sides of town though.


Sorry cant help you with exact grade. But if I was forced to, I would agree to the MS... maybe as low as 60. Hard to tell with pictures. That first one looks amazing, second way dark, very hard to tell, and the last those could be nics bringing the grade down.



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Lincons in my opinion are toughf to grade in the MS conditions.I personaly would pass on all of them!, I would put my money on a FULL RED example in that grade, you would be way better off!. :ninja:


Same here. I do not have loads of cash, but I do have expensive tastes. If I am dishing our a lot for something, I will pay the extrra to get exactly what I want.


These seem to be high grades with toning that is not on the more sought after scale. As to the level of AU or MS, my interest in Lincolns is limited to the paper version. ;)

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First pic - VF35


Second pic - impossible to tell based on the pic


Third pic - XF40


No way any of them are MS.



I'd tend to agree with this analysis. #3 perhaps VF35 but it's close.

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