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U.S. ihc etc. lot-sold, wow, that was quick

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Have some U.S. coins laying around, grades should be close, although I'm no expert on grading U.S. Figured I'd give the Coinpeeps a crack befor it goes ebay, only sell/trade as a lot. I'd be content with older German silver (state) coin(s)as trade, and I'm always into Military stuff, especially medals.Having said that, here's the list, havn'e taken pics as of yet, but will email them upon request.

Indian head cents:

1868 AG

1883 good

1885 good

1891 good

1892 good

1895 good

1896 good

1897 (x2) good

1900 good

1902 good

1905 good

1905 fine

1906 good

1907 (x4) good

1907 vf

1908 vg


lincoln wheats

1909vdb vg?

1919s vg?



1913 fine?



1949 fine?

1964 kennedy ms-60+(x2)


Figure, even if I'm off a bit on the grade , $25 U.S. delivered is fair for the lot, or will trade for....?

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