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CMA Finalized Note Designs!


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The pink blocks on the ends are holgram strips, and appear silvery in person. The scanner light just lit the whole thing up and turned them all pink & purple. I had a bit of a problem lining up the front exactly with the back, so some of the printing dates and edge details had to be lopped off.


Took awhile, but here they are scanned in all their glory! :ninja:


One Coinbuck:



front: Japanese Dragon

back: Australian COA, Kangaroo, Emu

Five Coinbucks:



front: Seated Liberty

back: Eagle

Ten Coinbucks:



front: Brittania

back: Sower

Twenty Coinbucks:



front: Athenian Owl

back: Ancient Coinage

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I am stunned.


What about the paper (polymer)? What are you using for a medium that will honor that celestial artwork?

These blow me away.


Can I buy more?


Golly miss molly and jeez louise you could teach the folks at BEP a few things.



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Bee-oot-eee-ful!!! Wow, I should get over here and look more often--I'm missin' some good stuff.


Oh, yeah...


:ninja: I am 'soliciting' members to participate in our Christmas Secret Gift Exchange.


Get more details and sign up right away in the General Discussion Forum!!!


See Tiffibunny if you don't have access to the Community Forums.




Back to your regularly scheduled thread already in progress...

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