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This is a new auction site that works in many ways silimar to Ebay but the best of all, it's free!




If there is anything you would want to see, may be a new category or something else, please let me know, I will be more than happy to help.


It is still in its infancy and for now it’s completely free.


If in the future we need to move to better more expensive servers and we need to charge something to cover costs, then we will only charge for sale fees, if you don’t sell, you don’t pay anything.


For now I am waiting for you guys to use it for some auctions, once there are a number of auctions going I will be looking to do some advertising in google and the like to attract buyers.


If you find any bugs or anything, please let me know so we fix them ASAP.


Thank you!

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I personaly havent seen any DEALS on any auction anywhere!, they are costing more than I can get from a retail dealer! ;)


Well, I just provide the site, it is up to the users to put things for sale. ;)


It was just born this weekend, so there is a need for users to register and start using it, eventually I hope that there will be some deals, it just needs users to start using it.


As I said, it is free to use, no listing fees, no sale fees, so nothing to loose. :ninja:

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I like the site Unk, but is there a way to convert things people list to english???


I guess it depends on the poster... if they post in Spanish you could ask me, and I could translate it for you...


It's the same as ebay, if someone posts the text in Spanish there is nothing you can do... in this case just contact me and I will translate anything you need.


If the poster posts in english, then it will be in english. There is a need for users so go ahead and post your auctions, when there are users posting auctions eventually buyers will come, and as there are no fees, all the better. ;)


I will be doing some google advertising once there is a bit more auctions life, so the sooner there are more auctions the sooner I get some money into google to get it going. :ninja:

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When I am viewing I am seeing lots of broken links for some reason.


Could you please send me a mail as soon as you see any?




There are a few things that are been working on, like the support forums, they will be fixed some time today, and then the translation is going to be installed soon.


Any other link that is "broken" please let me know, I need lots of "road testing"! :ninja:

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I wanted to let you know that we have gone over the 100 active auctions.


They are all real auctions and I think it is a big step and achievement.


Let's hope soon I can tell you we went over the 200 active auctions! :ninja:


Thanks to all that participate!

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It's a nice site. I hope that it continues to build and that you get the traffic needed to keep it alive and vital. Good work.

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If there is anything you would want to see, may be a new category or something else, please let me know, I will be more than happy to help.



I've just signed up and made my first bid, so best of luck with your enterprise. We need an alternative to (you know who).


One thing though (I know...you can't please everybody!)......I find it annoying when browsing auctions when I don't know what the starting price of the auction is (before having to go into the individual auctions that is).


You want people to look at the auctions, that is understood, but I don't really want to look at an auction unless the start is at least at my interest / budget level. No point wasting time going in to find that the start price is either outwith budget parameters or perhaps (dare i say it...) optimistic. :-)



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Thank you Ian and welcome.


I am trying to understand what view you are using, as when I go to the home page I do see the starting bid of all items or the highest bid if they have any...


I think this is what he means




For example the Walker Auction has no bids but it is a $10 start on the auction. It would be nice to know it was a $10 start on the main page without having to click on the auction to see that...



Basically adding a Start Price column or making the Last Bid column show the Start Price when their are no bids...or something like that...

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