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Modern U.S. Commemorative Mintages


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I am trying to find a list of U.S. Modern Commems BU and Proof and their mintages. Having a terrible time finding such a list on the web. Not sure why, there should be one out there. Anyone have such a list? Current values would be a bonus, but mostly looking for mintages. Thanks!

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Coinfacts.com is about the only place online that I know of that would have the mintages. The RedBook has them as well. For up-to-date values you'd have to try ebay or check one of the Coin Value type publications that come out monthly.


Good luck and have fun..


On ebay you can get an idea of what they sell for by checking the completed auctions for particular coin types.

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Coin Prices is also a good reference for this series. Mintages, and pics.

I just completed a type set of this series in a Dansco. Took about three years.

Enjoy, Joey



OMG, did you do dollars only or halves, or both? With gold? What Danscos did you use? I really want a set of all the Modern Commems. Did you do both Proof & Unc?

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No, I just have a dollar type set in a Dansco (51 coins).

This album comes with four pages, and it's labeled through the 2001 buffalo dollar. I had to get an extra 12 port silver dollar blank page to get up to date.

Now you can get a Dansco for all the dollars unc, and proof, but it's two albums.

Some of the olympic unc's are many $$$, so the type album was for me.

There is also a Dansco for type halfs, or all the halfs.

I like the serise. Joey

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