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Pic of 1904O

Dads Stuff

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That's a very nice coin. Although it is a common date you can get a decent amount for it.


Hard to tell from the pictures but I would venture an uneducated guess at around MS-63 or so. Too bad I can't get the reverse to load for some reason.

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Advantage to selling here...No fees

Disadvantage.......Lots fewer buyers.


While the number of buyers makes it more difficult for an auction, just listing them on the buy/sell board with prices you want is pretty low maintenance, and you're more likely to achieve better prices. The bigger drawback is that you'd need patience!


PS- she has a very nice strike considering she's from New Orleans!

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From tha pic it's looks like Ms Williams has a very clean face so I would say 64. You might want to check this site out : http://home1.gte.net/res05izg/index.htm


MS-68 :ninja:


A Morgan like his shouldn't be too hard to sell here if the price is right ;)

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Only those who don't like to follow the rules do that sort of thing.  I have no idea what you do in private and I don't want to know.  :ninja:



No, you don't want to know! But I do try to play by the rules here. I was just teasing. :lol:





Ok, back on topic. That is a really nice looking coin! Very clean regarding bagmarks. And those holders are exactly the kind that I love and need to make an order for! I need to dig up the thread about those, if I can only remember where it was. ;)

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