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OMG!!!! Type Set Completed.


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This one is on it's way...





That completes the set. :ninja: I am so happy!



When it arrives I will post the complete set.



Thanks for all the CP who helped me out on this and thank LD for the Dollars. Those were the most difficult!



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Congrats. So what's next? I can't see you not having a "type set" type thing going on. Perhaps it's time for a specialty type set of some kind....gold - beautiful, shiny, mysterious GOLD.......


(It's OK to give Mom a little competition in this area, :ninja: )

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:ninja: No gold.  I'm gonna keep working on my other sets, Lincolns, Jeffs, Roosies, Washers, Kennedys, Ikes, SBA's, Peace, Morgans....  Sheesh, I have a lot of work to do!



Christmas is coming! It would be a good time to make a major charge at those other sets. Wish I had something to help, but I'm pretty much out of anything you're needing. Good luck and have fun.

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Congratulations, Bunny !!! Terrific accomplishment :ninja:


Does that include the gold page for the 7070 ???

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Congrats. A real accomplishment!


Of course you realize, no set is ever really complete. You will find yourself "upgrading" sooner than you think. :ninja:

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