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Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial


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(1) OBVERSE- The obverse of the 1-cent coin shall continue to bear the Victor David Brenner likeness of President Abraham Lincoln.




(2) REVERSE- The reverse of the coins shall bear 4 different designs each representing a different aspect of the life of Abraham Lincoln, such as--


( a ) his birth and early childhood in Kentucky;


( b ) his formative years in Indiana;


( c ) his professional life in Illinois; and


( d ) his presidency, in Washington, D.C.



Wow! How utterly uninspiring!

Politicians suck. :ninja:

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This bill was added to the president dollar coin bill (H.R. 902) and was passed by the congress last summer. The companion bill (S 1047) has passed thru commitee and awaits a vote by the whole senate.

The Bill also contains the First lady gold Commems and the Gold Bullion Buffalo 1oz coin. Unless it allowed to just die we will have ALL of them. The bill has 71 Cosponsors.

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