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Numis. Catalogues / Flyers / ads / etc!


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After piling some of my coin pamplets, ads, etc away and especially getting one from akdrv, I thought it would be nice to post some if not all when I get the time to scan what I have.


Here is the first lot, which is a pamplet from the Bank of Japan which shows the valid coins since Oct 2000. Akdrv sent this pamplet to me, so all thanks to him! :ninja:


Page 1

Page 2


Both images are around 320-360kb so people with 56k, take caution!


Enjoy ;)

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Wow nice 50cents. Didn't know they were so much cheaper 40 years ago... ;)


Here are some more pamplets that I got this year from a coin fair here in Australia, August 5th - 7th 2005.


Pictures vary from 200kb+ - ~450kb. Sorry 56k :ninja:


Anda Ticket












(total of 2.54mb)


Enjoy! ;)

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Come on, I know there are always someone who has a lot more materials than I do. :ninja:


I don't have much left so I might as well post what I got here:


Australia 2005 Gallipoli 1 dollar commemorative mint product with the package countermarked in Sydney (yes I had a few of these some time ago) <- what a long description...





Don't worry, this time the file size is 50kb each. ;)


The size format is a bit too big so that is why I left it in the URL format... ;)

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I have a fair amount of pamphlets and such, mostly relating to Finnish coins and banknotes. Here is one example issued by the Bank of Finland relating to a new series of 20 markkaa banknotes with added security features, including the higher denominations. It also details the coinage reform; the old designs and the new ones.


pic 1

pic 2


The Mint of Finland also issues a quarterly customer "newsletter" in a magazine-like format that is 20-30 pages in length. It describes the coming coin releases for Finland and other countries as well. It even provides an occasional informative article not related to their advertisements. :ninja: I have saved all the issues since 2001 and have a few sporadic ones prior to that date as well.

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Its a little raw because I pulled the source straight from the email, but here is a common type of email I get from Littleton:

MSN Hotmail -

[removed email addy] Printed: Wednesday, November 9, 2005 6:47 PM

From :  Littleton Coin Company
Reply-To :  info@littletoncoin.com
Sent :  Tuesday, November 8, 2005 10:23 PM
To :  [removed email addy]
Subject :  New movie opens soon - Add the Magic of Harry to your collection now






Now you can assemble a world-class collection of ancient Roman coins - the easy, affordable way. Learn more about Littleton's RISK-FREE Ancient Roman Coin Collectors Club - and how to get a FREE album - today!

Problems viewing this newsletter? Click here.



If you have a question about any of the offers in this week's newsletter or are looking for coins not listed in our catalogs or on our website, please don't hesitate to e-mail us at info@littletoncoin.com or call our friendly Customer Service department at 1-800-645-3122, Monday-Friday 7:30 AM - 9:00 PM EST.



To ensure you receive e-mails from Littleton, users of EarthLink, AOL and other internet providers should add either info@littletoncoin.com or LittletonCoin.com domain to your "safe list" or "white list." Click here for easy-to-follow steps for adding Littleton Coin Company e-mails to your address book or white list.




Thank you for your interest in Littleton and for sharing your hobby with us. We hope you enjoy our newsletter - it has offers for coins, paper money and supplies, helpful tips, and interesting news. If you prefer not to receive special offers, simply click here to unsubscribe. Please allow 2 weeks to process your request.



Littleton Coin Company, Inc.

1309 Mt. Eustis Road

Littleton, NH 03561-3735

e-mail: info@littletoncoin.com



Each coin comes in an official Harry Potter TM presentation holder measuring 4" x 6"
Folks are wild about Harry! Update your collection with a set of four 2005 Harry Potter Crowns celebrating scenes from the upcoming movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Each legal tender issue arrives in a colorful official holder, 4 coins just $69.95.

Missing any of the earlier Harry Potter Crowns? Get the rest of the series right here, now!

2001 Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's StoneT - six coins from the movie that started it all, $99.00.

2002 Harry Potter and The Chamber of SecretsT - six coins capturing all the exciting action, $99.00.

2004 Harry Potter and The Prisoner of AzkabanT - four coins showing daring rescues and adventures, $69.95.

WB_Shield_35px.jpg TM & © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Harry Potter Publishing Rights © JKR (s05)


Just off the press and on its way to you - the new Winter Hard to Find Coins & Currency Catalog! Be watching for it in your mailbox. If you don't receive one, simply call 1-800-645-3122 to get yours.


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Did you know...

November 11th originally honored Armistice Day, and in 1938, it became a national holiday. The name was changed to Veterans' Day in 1954 to include those who had fought in WWII.


Pay tribute to a Veteran with this Colorized WWII Remembrance Set. This handsomely colorized set pairs a 99.9% silver round honoring the armed forces with a bronze version of the U.S. medal presented to the Navajo veterans and their families. Both are placed in Air-Tite holders and displayed in a velvet case, all for just $39.00.

"The website has a great selection and is easy to use."


Chicago, IL

clearpixel.gif A4996FVnl.jpgAdd a 1,740-year-old bronze coin that honors the veterans of the Roman Legions to your collection. Struck over two centuries after the veterans of Augustus' armies settled the region of ancient Pisidia, this coin celebrates that event with the legionary standards on the reverse. Fine/Very Fine condition for only $95.00.












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