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A flaming eagle...


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Nice!  :ninja:



Yes, it is nice. ;) These huge copper pieces usually show up in terrible condition and frequently with big ugly flan flaws.


I can't tell from the pictures whether or not the coin has been cleaned in the past and is now retoning. It looks to me that some mint luster remains in the protected areas of the coin (around the devices).


Cleaned or not, it's well above average for the type. As such, it's a desirable coin. ;)

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Very nice. There is definitely something odd about the surface but seeing the mint luster in the devices on this coin is a pleasant surprise. As grivna said, there are so many horribly ugly examples of this series that any red on one of these coins is a pleasant surprise. Did you ever figure out if this was cleaned or just had contact with some corrosive element?

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