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Coin show report


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Hit the Melbourne, Fl show with low expectations. haven't gone in 9 months, used to go evey month, but things became very stale.


Huge change today, the place was bursting with activity.

From the opening bell the place was full of customers, both young and old, parents with childen wives & hubby. It was like Christmas eve in walmart.


About 20 dealer covering the as advertised 60+ tables, and nicely stocked with items besides Morgans.


I hit hit the one dealer who is exclusively(90%) world coins and snared a nicely selection of Portuguese coins for a song(more later)


The others had a good mix of coins, last year the show seem to consist of Morgans and proof sets.


Now it was a type setters dream, I picked up 4 coins for the US type set and saw for the first time besides the FUN show, 3 1875-CC twenty cent pieces for sale. You just don't come across that one too often.


I stayed from10 till 2 when the crowd and the smaller dealers started to leave. These are my goodies for today:


1928 & 1940 1 Escudos from Portugal in VF-XF. Book lists these for $65 to $100 each, I got them for the grand sum of $2 They guy who sold these even had the Krause prices on the back of the 2 X 2! Not sure what was up there, I didn't ask either.


Next was a big lot from the world coin dealer:

1900 100 Reis Portugal VF+

1883 10 Reis Portugal VF+

1901 10 Reis Azore Islands XF

1919 4 Centavos Portugal XF

1925 20 Centavos VF

1918 2 centavos Portugal XF

1813 5 Reis Portugal Bent F details, this one was $1

1970,71,72 Proof Cents Bahamas

1973 Proof 50 cents Trinidad

1974 UNC 50 Cents Trinidad



For the US type set:

1868 XF+ Shield nickel $40

1930 Xf Standing Liberty Quarter $16

1913 type 1 Buffalo Nickel XF for $12, I feel kinda bad, when I asked the older gentleman for the price I thought I heard him say 1915 Buffalo, tho its clearly written 1913 Type 1 across the 2 X 2, so kinda got a deal there.

1853 F arrows & rays Seated Libery Quarter $20, this was marked as a VG on the flip and I fully intended on paying a retail VG $20, the coin has that perfect circ look that seated coins & Barbers get. When i got home this coin has definite Fine details, so I got this one for a great price.


And lo and behold I was having such a good time, I could believe I found a new way to part with my money. I bought BANKNOTES!!!!! Never thought the day would come but the same guy with the world coin lot had a ton of notes so I pick up some well worn Portugal notes a 20 & 100 Escudos for .75 cent each.

Lastly I caught outta the corner of mu eye a very attractive note that I felt compelled to buy, a UNC 1 Peso from Mexico for $1. It just has a nice look.


Hope to post some pics soon.



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