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Interesting Banknote Gifts


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This is a 2003 200 piso philippine banknote Given to me as A gift


the Note has The following Anticounterfitting Measures


A stitch-like security thread bearing a series of the number"200" in microprint


a color changing band with series of the number"200" printed on it


The security thread Is color changing also from green to magenta or vice-versa when viewed at different angles.


Another thing That makes this Note Unusal is that It has printing that can be felt by the Blind So that they can Know The 200 piso From The Other pisos


Paper Content: 20 percent abaca and 80 percent cotton fiber


Printed On Back Of The Note is The EDSA II Or The people's power Which HAs Been used twice So Far to Overthrow A Corrupt Govt


And Made Philippine History by Putting two Women into The Leadership


Also Shown is Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo being sworn in as the 10th President of the Philippines By A Surpreme Court Judge After The Former President Was Overthrown by EDSA II


On the front Of The Note is Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's Father the Late President of The philippines President Diosdado P. Macapagal Who Ruled The Philippines in the 1960's


Also The Pic of the Aguinaldo Shrine where the declaration of the first Philippine Independence was held On june 12 ,1898



The note Grades Very Good has Seen Some Use








Another gift is This ND Malaysia 10 Ringgt


The Note Has A Metal Foil Thread On the right hand Side of the Note


On the front is Yang Di-Pertuan Agong,Tunuk Abdul Rahman The First head Of State Of malaysia


The back Shows A Train Station named Stesen Besar Keretapi Melayu Which is Located In Kuala Lumpur


The colors of The Note Are Orange, Red And Violet


The note Is printed By Francois-Charles Oberthur


The Printed Sign of the Note is Ahmed Mohd


This note Was Found In the philippines And Given to me as A Gift


The Note grades Very good Seen Some Use





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