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grivna1726's 1726 grivna


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This coin is from my collection. It is a 1726 grivna (10 kopeks) of Catherine I. It is made of low grade silver, a debased coin made to create more in face value from the silver used.


These are tough to find in any condition and I am fortunate to have this example.



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WOW that's nice!!! :ninja:


A similar coin I saw in a catalogue was in Dmitrii Markov just the beginning of this year - but that was in XF+ condition and it blew over 5.5 grand...



Mine is only a holed Fine, so it's hardly in that league, but the coin is very hard to find in any condition. I've never seen an XF, not even a picture. The GM plates don't count because they are plaster casts, not coins (that's why they aren't toned).

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Yes, it sure is a proud coin to be of. Uzedenikov has even marked it as very rare ;)


Now are you going to tell me that you do have that ultra UNC Peter II ruble there too? ;)


I wouldn't be too suprised but rather :ninja: if you do have it :lol:



No, I don't, but I wish I did. My avatar coin is actually an extremely rare pattern ruble of Peter II. The only other known example of a Peter II pattern ruble is a well worn example fished out of circulation that ended up in the Grand Duke's collection.


The picture is from a recent auction where it sold for $230,000 ($200,000 plus the juice). That's a lot of money, but considering its beauty and rarity, it's not hard to imagine it selling even higher someday.

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Yes I know, I haven't seen one with my real eyes before. You can take a look at the catalogue at here: http://www.russian-coins.net/, under Auction X and download the whole 10mb file if you can. ;) You will need a pdf reader though. That catalogue has plenty of decent photos... ;)



Thanks for the link. :ninja: I'll download it later.

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What a wonderfull coin ;)

As said above, those early milled coins are very difficult to find in any grade, you are a very lucky man  :ninja:



Thank you, Tane. There seems to be a lot of nice Russian collections in Finland and other countries of Northern Europe.


I've been collecting Russian coins for many years. I had the good fortune to obtain some significant pieces when there was much less competition for them and prices were significantly lower than they are today. This coin is one of them. ;)

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GX, you can explain me please the legend of the signs for rarity fron Uzdenikov, please?




This is the old Russian rarity scale:


no symbol = common

dot = scarce

line = rare

dot-line = very rare

dot-line-dot = extremely rare



Uzdenikov supplements that scale with the following ratings:


ЕД = unique (according to the available documents)

!! = several examples known, but excessively rare

!? = described in some old document, but no original specimens are now known


Sometimes you might also see

dot-line-dot-dot = excessively rare

but Uzdenikov does not use it (at least not in the first or second editions of his book).


This coin is #661 in the second edition of Uzdenikov's book "Russian Coins" and is rated there as "very rare" (dot-line).

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Yup, that's how it is.


Note that Uzdenikov is extremely critical when he comes to quoting such rarity, so all my Russian coins that you can see on omnicoin aren't quite that "rare" as you might believe :ninja:


If I am not wrong, the mintage number is just within a few thousands, like around 5000 max. It is almost as rare as the Kolyvan gold coin commemorative coin... ;)

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