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What did the mailman bring today?

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Got slabbed goodies in today from the mail sent out to NGC




Very nice.

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couple of late nite ebay BINS


at £5.30 I wouldn't normally pay that much for these, usually around £1-2 for these, but the date and mint combo make it the rarest coin of this type, and 2nd lowest mintage of all 50 pfennigs of the period, rarer then the hard to obtain Nickel ones.



this was a couple of weeks ago, but same deal, late nite BIN £2.99 total

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I have been collecting the AAFES POGS since 2005 ... Several spares <<snip>>. Tracy

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Got the 2015 Proof sets and Uncirculated set this week. Part of keeping my Danscos updated.

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Very nice. I like some of the colored coins. They're doing a nice job on the latest issues.

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