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What did the mailman bring today?


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i'm guessing you knew that the coin in that lot is was referring to was the ex. rare TERTVS error 1699 halfpenny ;)

got these 3 plus a similar grade 1935 farthing (and an average grade 1935 halfpenny)




got it for the penny as they are fairly low mintage and a pain to get in top grades, EF is £10 in book


1700 Halfpenny BRIVANNIA error - again ex rare

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Marca Peru (Peru Brand) Logo One (1) Nuevo Sol 2012

1 SOL 2012


In circulation since 6Th August 2012


Value: S /. 1,00

Alloy: Alpaca

Weight: 7.32 g

Diameter: 25.50 mm

Edge: Reeded

Mintage Year: 2012

Obverse: Coat of Arms

Reverse: Marca Peru (Peru Brand)

Peru’s Central Reserve Bank (BCR) released a new Nuevo Sol coin, featuring the Marca Peru (Peru Brand) logo.

According to a press release, the new coin will feature the country’s coat of arms on one side, and the Marca Peru logo on the reverse alongside a seal from Peru’s national mint.

The Central Bank previously issued coins with designs bearing the Golden Tumi, The Karajia sarcophagi, the Estela de Raimondi, the Chullupas of Sillustani, Machu Picchu, the monastery of Santa Catalina, the Saywite stone, the Great Pajaten, and the Real Felipe Fortress.

Valor: S /. 1,00 Un (1) Nuevo sol

Aleacion : Alpaca

Peso : 7,32g


Diámetro : 25,50mm

Canto : Estriado

Año de Acuñación : 2011

Anverso : Escudo de Armas

Reverso: Marca Peru (Peru Brand)

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Is anyone other than me reading this thread thinking "I have to face THAT in PCI 2013?" :D


Banivechi, I love those half crowns - am I hallucinating, or are those two different busts? I'd swear the 1937 bust looks more like a repurposed Edward VIII than it does George VI.

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