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What did the mailman bring today?

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My Jtryka auction winnings. Very nice stuff.


1865 - 2 cent piece

1907-O half dollar

China notes - 2 one with truck, one with airplane -- smaller than Monopoly money these are really cool

500, 1000, 5000 Pesos notes from Argentina


Thanks for the neat auctions.

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it's kitty-approved:




what it is (kinda hard to see because chelsea is in the way): a san francisco mint medal (which shows a staircase i've never seen and am not sure still exists), and a california fifty state quarters spoon!


thanks, secret santa partner person!

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Got a really nice Christmas card along with a beautiful Euro coin from Sir Sisu. Thank you. It's wonderful.

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Forgot to mention that I did actually get that Italian €10 coin ... :ninja:



The piece shows a Roman sestertius coin from the year 69 (Emperor Vitellius). The woman with the olive branch and the cornucopia refers to the "Pax Augusti" (see the inscription) ... Not the best way, in my opinion, of visualizing the "60 Years of Peace" theme - but the design by itself I like.



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I received this Mexico 1898 Peso on December 22.

It took 10 days to get from New Mexico to California.

I bought it as part of my research into the 1949 San Francisco restrike of the 1898 Peso.

This one is an original strike.

It has a die crack on the reverse (the cap and rays side).




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Good day today :ninja:



1965 dollar small beads, blunt 5, PL (in ICCS holder)

1965 dollar small beads, pointed 5, PL (in ICCS holder)


Dominican Republic

1978 series 1 Peso Oro note


United States

1865 III cents

1907 "D" half dollar (Barber)

1981 Susan B. Anthony dollar proof



Thanks Tiff, Thanks Jeff!!!

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What's the deal with that toning?  Is that common and original or did you have to pay extra?


The toning is completely original and looks great in hand. Its somewhat common to find toned coins in this series, sometimes nice and sometimes ugly. And no, I did not pay any extra for the toning - that was a bonus.

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Now that "horse coin" looks interesting! Is it a commem or a normal circulation piece?




It is a normal circulation piece. It is one of the many coins that I have first seen posted here and have subsequently purchased for myself. :ninja:


There is a commem version with a different reverse issued in 2002.

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Today in the mail I recieved a 2004 SAE that I got for $5 on ebay. It is in a velvet case with a cardboard cover. Very nice. :ninja:


What did the mailman bring you today?




Whoaaa $5 - that's below melt - was there a big S&H or something because that's a great deal!

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