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What did the mailman bring today?

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Cool Stuff Daggit!


Got a Churchill Crown and a Maria Theresia Thaler Restrike form Stu. Thanks Stu!


They will quickly be repackaged and sent off to the winner of the Katrina Hurricane Relief Auctions


Im glad there are honest people in the world. Somehow the address was wrong and writen on it is "Delivered Incorrectly Please Forward" and it made it to me somehow. :ninja:



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Got a great package from Sir Sisu.


Rolls of 1 and 2 cent Euros from Finland. Still in the original mint paper. Very neat.


Got a few stacks of what appear to be Russian coins in the package. I haven't looked them up yet but I will.



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I bought a 5 Kopek 1795 EM and some banknotes from our local club meeting yesterday. Today I received the finnish 5 Euro commemorative 2005.





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Okay, file this under five kinds of weird.


Yesterday when I got home there was a FedEx note stuck to the front door. Says they tired to deliver a package, but it required a signature! Required a signature? What’s up with that. Don’t remember ordering anything that would be of such cost that would require a signature, especially don’t remember ordering anything what would come from FedEx. USPS and UPS yeah, but not FedEx. Those boys are expensive.


This morning I get an email from the U.S. Mint saying that they had processed my Marine uncirculated dollar and it would be mailed this morning.


FedEx arrives today with package from yesterday, marked Priority Overnight for gods sake even, signed for, and opened. Wanta take a guess what was in the package? Yep, U.S. Mint order with the Marine commem.


So, since when did the Mint start sending orders out Priority Overnight, with required signature? How did FedEx have my order that the Mint said in an email today it was getting shipped today? Weird. Weird in so many ways.


As our government continues to operate in the most efficient way possible…

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I did get email confirmation today that mine shipped.....supposedly. :ninja:

Well Stujoe -

If my experience means anything, you should have yours tomorrow.


Tiffibunny, they are just making sure you get an extra special nice one ;)

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Got a great gift from our own Tiffibunny --


a beautiful 1967 10 Pesewas from Ghana.


Thank you Tiffibunny.

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