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1968 DIE CLASH colombia 50 centavos

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This is a 1968 colombia 50 centavos


What i have here is what appears to be a DIE CLASH. That is where the dies come together to strike a coin with out a planchet (blank) inbetween. Thus the two dies strike each other and leave some of thiere impressions on the other die


As for flow lines, that is what happens when a planchet (blank) is struck by the dies. The planchet is technically a tad smaller than an actual coin of that denomination. and think of playdough or clay. Make a small ball with it. now squash it. the way that clay moves is not unlike how metal moves. Thus when a blank is struck by the dies, the metal of the planchet has to flow somewhere. And it does. Outward from the center.



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Corina next time you copy/paste you should give some credit to the original poster!http://coinpeople.com/index.php?showtopic=...st=0entry8394


Last time I went to my local coin dealer he gave me a zincoln that I think had this problem. :ninja:

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Thanks for pointing that out forgot to add that on sorry :ninja:



The credit for the info On the coin Goes to dacoinman


Now the proper credit is given to him

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