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High end Canadian to trade(all traded today)

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Have some nice high end Canadian material to trade. Will try to post pics, but if it doesn't work, just pm me for pics. Thanks.(Catalogue prices in Canadian funds beside each coin fior value reference).

1925 Nickel vg-10 $105.00

1875H Quarter good+ $312.50

1870 L.C.W. 50 cent piece, ef(xf), surface scratches $550.00

1936 50 cent au-50, nice original lustre $525.00

1948 50 cent au-55-possible obverse cleaned at some point in time $287.50

1947 blunt 7 silver dollar, fine-15 $75.00


Just tried to add pics, but the system says I have exeeded my global limit :ninja: Anyway, pm me for pics; I also have a pile of other Canadian and Newfoundland coins from the 1800's up to date in most denominations. Anything you are looking for, please pm me with "wish list" and I'll let you know what I have. (Too much material to list). Cheers,

;) Franz

P.S. This stuff may wind up on ebay if no interest.

Pics in my album for most of these.

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