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Hey, I'm new here!


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Hi everyone!


My name is Matthias an I work at a currency exchange office in Sweden.

I've been a not-so-serious papermoney collector as long as I can remeber, but the last few years it's been a bit more serious.

My collection is more about quantity than quality, due to a thin paymentcheck and the fact is that I get a lot from my customers as a gift or due to the currency they want to change is out of date and I usually offer them a modest private rate. Then the notes rarely in UNC-condition.... Besides that I buy some from the local Red Cross.


If there is any current money U would like to get hold of, just let me know and I'll see what I can do. We normally get lots of UNC-notes. I'm always interested in a good trade.....


E-mail; choda@alfapower.nu



Good to be here


/Matthias Diego

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Welcome Matthias!


I am more a coin collector than a note collector, but I've saved both from my travels. I have a cousin in Sweden in a place called Vastergotland, I think it's somewhere near Stockholm. I've only been to Sweden once, when I took the ferry from Copenhagen to Malmo for the day. I saved a 20-kroner note from that trip (I think it was 20, maybe 50, it was the smallest denomination they had). I also have some coins from that trip in 1996, but some have likely been demonetized by now. You will lilkey find some interesting trades here, certainly I'd love to hear what sort of older US currency you come across! Welcome again!

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welcome to the forums!  :ninja:


Note questions? ^^^ One of the ones to talk to. Also check out his and MisterMcDoo's sites, talk about a huge selection of notes.


Welcome to the forum. I'm mainly a coin collector but do go for notes time to time.

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Welcome Matthias or perhaps I shoulds say Välkommen, ;)

Kul med att få in en till svensk på sidan!

Are you working in Forex or maybe xchange? In Stockholm?

Well, the swedish comunity here is growing! :ninja:



The swedish coins you have are still usable. 1kr coins from the end of 1800 are still accepted, allthough the oldest ones I found in circulation are silver 1kr coins from the 50ties. 50 ore of Cu-Ni are by the end of this year beeing withdrawn. 5 and 10kr coins are no problem.



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This is a great welcoming!


The slogan for this forum may just be true, I came for the coins [notes] and stayed for the people...


To answer some of the questions, I work at Stockholm-Arlanda airport, for a company called SEB Ecxhange.

We have roughly 42 different currencies in stock and every now and then I get hold of some worthless crap that customers dont want. Usually in poor condition. :ninja: But the currencies we trade usually comes crisp from the national centralbanks.

Another cool thing I get is the release material, booklets, posters and CD's when countries release new money.


I will spend a few workhours trying to find my way around this forum and hopefully I'll be able to contribute with news and answers.



Feels good to be here!


/Matthias Diego

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With all these people here from the far North, I will really enjoy telling you about the 30C weather here during the winter.  Maybe some pics from the beach?

Welcome to the forum....let me know if you need anything from the Kingdom.



Thank's a lot! :ninja:

But I have to say; There's nothing like coming in from the cold an make a cozy fire an look in my notecollection album and sort some notes...


Since we deal with Thai bath at work, I get hold of everything in circulation, but I'll sure let you know if there is anything in the area that awakes my interest! The same goes with you, Let me know if there is anything you want from tis kingdom or around...



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