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Series 1950 $20 Federal Reserve Note


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Ok, here is a pretty nice series 1950 $20 Federal Reserve Note from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The note is in fairly good condition but it is circulated. It has about a 1/8" tear at the top where it's been folded over the years, and a slightly smaller tear at the bottom edge. Otherwise the note is pretty clean. This note was printed before the national motto was added to the back, and it contains the clause on the front that it "is redeemable in lawful money at the United States Treasury, or at any Federal Reserve Bank." These notes are not really worth a lot more than face, but the two I am auctioning off are duplicates in my collection, so rather than spending it :ninja: I figure I would start it here for face value just in case there are other collectors that might need them. All bids posted before 5:01 PM Central Time on 10/29 will count! Have fun!


Opening bid: $20

Minimum bid increment: $0.25

Ends 10/29/05 at 5:00 PM Central Time

Shipping: $1 to US, international extra.

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Actually if I had a bit of excess cash I would buy it, I use them as my "strategic reserve" in case of a cash emergency. I have several well worn gold certificates, several 1934's etc that are used for this purpose.


I would suggest someone buy it for that reason, to keep as emergency money.

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