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1893 Indian Head Cent


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VERY nice coin. But without having coin in hand, I'll have to say XF-45 to AU-50. Yeah, I know, I bet I caused a bunch of ya'll to go WTF?!? But this is what I saw. On the obverse, I see a little rounding down of the feathers at the top of the head dress. it's difficult to see the hair above the ear to make a solid decision on the obverse though. As for the reverse, this is how I concluded my grade of the coin. I see several flat spots on the leaves and on the closest ribbon to us (the viewer). Thus, that's why I really want to shy away from AU. But, also, bear in mind, I tend to conservatively grade a coin. I still ain't got the art of that down to a science yet. LOL But I can spot some of the most obscure varieties out there in a heart beat...LOL

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Hi guys. Just got this as part of a roll. What do you think?


<img src="http://luckyliberty.com/images/1893_ihp_obv.jpg"><br>

<img src="http://luckyliberty.com/images/1893_ihp_rev.jpg">



Without seeing the coin I'd say AU50 for technical but I don't feel comfortable about the color. I don't know it it's your photo or a bad cleaning or a plating attempt. So without seeing the coin in hand, I'd down grade it for a net grade of VF30.


If it was plated, changes are that there are hairline that the lighting is hiding that occurred when the plating was being removed/worn off.

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