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Round 1 - Exonumia - K/L

Guest Stujoe

Which one do you like the best?  

31 members have voted

  1. 1. Which one do you like the best?

    • K. Stujoe's Encased, Irradiated Mercury Dime
    • L. elverno's Hortense, Queen of Holland.

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<b><font size="4">Round 1 - Exonumia - K/L (</font></b><font size="4"><a target="_blank" href="

http://www.stujoe.com/pci5/pci5.htm">CompetitionProgress</a><b>)<br></b></font><br><br><b><font size="4">K. Stujoe's Encased, Irradiated Mercury Dime <br></font></b><img border="0" src="http://www.omnicoin.com/coins/902092.jpg" width="605" height="320"><br><b><i><a href="http://www.omnicoin.com/coin_view_enlarge.aspx?id=902092" target="_blank">OmniCoinDescription</a></i></b><br><br><b><font size="4">Versus</font></b><br><br><b><font size="4">L. elverno's Hortense, Queen of Holland.<br></font></b><img border="0" src="http://www.omnicoin.com/coins/897825.jpg" width="605" height="320"><br><b><i><a href="http://www.omnicoin.com/coin_view_enlarge.aspx?id=897825" target="_blank">OmniCoin Description</a></i></b>

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(who is that on the ground behind the canvas on the reverse?)




It's a statue's bust! At first I thought it might be Napoleon's head when I got the medal but I think it's a generic thing. Hortense was being honored as a patron of fine arts. The medal itself is only 22 mm in diameter.

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Voting for the Queen....even though its not a coin.


That's why its in the Exonumia category (i.e. medals, tokens, etc.)

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Sorry, Stubie--Hortense's backside is covered with wonderful artistic thingys which I really like. The dime is super cool, though!

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