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Looking for info.


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Modern counterfeits. Giveaway:

1. Color was off (off-metal)

2. Mules (Counterfeiters often mule dies)


Upper left: 20c Canton martyrs (forgot which province)

Upper right: 20c Communist pre-49

Lower left: Japan 20 sen

Lower right: 20c 1909 Manchuria

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What metal do they use?

Would the weight be off?

What is the value of a real one?

Wanna buy some coins?



Metal- various white metal alloys used.


Weight- Always underweight*


Value- Most of the copied coins are of genuine coins normally valued at $1-50



*Except for those struck on superb dies on actual silver planchets- those are very dangerous, and far different from your run-of-the-mill Chinese copies.

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