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Recent Major Russian Coin Auction


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Recent Goldberg auctions. Some of the greatest Russian coins ever offered in this auction. You can stare at it all day long... I am pretty shocked at the prices they are going at, not including the commission fees.


Initially they were on eBay as well.


Goldberg auctions


Enjoy... ;)


Wow, great coins with great prices... I could easily spend a few days with those listings ;)


BTW: See what i just bought for 21 euros:


Love it :ninja:

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OMG damn!!! That's nice!!!


You know what? Honestly, I don't even have ANY Nikolai II coins ;)


Time to post more pictures of what I got ;)


Thanks, i think so too. :lol:


Oh, if i would have known that before, i could have put one in the letter i sent to you..


Yes! A lot of pictures! Lots and lots and even more please! :ninja:

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I wanted the sub folders that we used to have Tane :ninja: That was really a great one ;)


Have to ask somebody about them. They really were great.

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