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Anyway, does anyone recognize the holder that this coin is in? (The coin came within this holder when I purchased it.) It is an airtite and the coin is kept centered within a black foam-like ring. Does anyone know this product and whether is poses a danger to the coin? And if not, where can one order such items? I really like the look of these and would like to get more for my other silver crowns.


From http://www.brent-krueger.com/airtite.html


The choice holder of numismatic archivists. All holders are manufactured using acrylic plastic with a non-yellowing agent, producing a two-piece snap together friction fit cover and base. Rings are produced by cross linked polyethylene (trade name "Volara"), which is totally inert. None of the components contain any PVC. The holders are highly durable and scratch resistant.


BTW: On the camera, it looks like a White Balance issue. You camera may have a setting for different lighting conditions to get the color to come out right. Looks like the pic was taken under incandescent lighting in a setting made for natural light. Light bulbs are much more yellow than daylight.


You may be able to use a generic white balance setting or some camera will let you do a manual one by pointing at a white pice of paper in the light you are using and it sets it from there. Check you manual for White Balance.

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Thank you for the links! (And thanks for the directions T'bunny :ninja: )


I really like the look and feel of these airtites as opposed to the generic ones that I use. I am finally getting a more focused idea of how I will continue my world coin collection and how it's organized; and this appeals to me as a storage option.

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What have your experiences been with the size and thus "snuggness" of the rings? Does the exact mm size make the coin sit snuggly or loosely? Or should one buy a slightly smaller ring measurement to get the coin to fit securely, so there is no wiggle or sliding room?

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For US coins... (ahem Franklins) you can also get direct fits.  Didn't I send you one in a direct fit?



Yes, you did. :ninja:


I like the added black ring; it really highlights the silver color of the coin. It is purely for show I know, but it brings out the coins so much more. Like a photo being framed. I am thinking that I could have my primary coins in these type of holders.

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I've been buying from this guy ever since he launched his website, Airtites.com. He has the complete Airtite line as well as other supplies:



Air-Tites.com | AirTite Ring Type Coin Holder Plastic Capsule


and his wholesale bulk order page:



Air-Tites.com | Wholesale Air-Tite Coin Capsules & Coin Supplies

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