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What interesting Coin edge designs do you know?


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There seems to be a resurgence of edge designs on a lot of commemoratives these days which I find interesting. I believe I just got one with the Suttner 10 Euro Christian sent me. I know you'll correct me if I'm wrong. :ninja:

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Not a correction ;) but rather some additional info: The German 5 DM, 10 DM, 10 € commems all have "interesting" edge inscriptions in that the usual "Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit" (the first words of our national anthem) is replaced by some motto that relates to the occasion.


The Bavarian Forest coin issued earlier this year, for example, has the edge inscription "Grenzenlose Waldwildnis" (something like "Unbounded Forest Wilderness"). The Bertha von Suttner piece is interesting because it says "Peace" in three different languages: EIPHNH (Greek), PAX (Latin), FRIEDEN (German).


The most "different" edge inscription can unfortunately be found on a pretty dull coin. The €10 Documenta Kassel piece (2002), dedicated to an international contemporary art show, says Kunst (art) in German, English, Hindi, Maori, Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, Igbo and Chinese ...


Some weird inscriptions: In 2000 a 10 DM coin was issued that shows a simple (almost childish) drawing of "Man" between "Nature" and "Technology". Nothing about the occasion - until you look at the edge where you see that the coin was issued for the 2000 World Expo. :ninja:


And the FIFA 2006 series of four €10 silver coins has the motto of next year's football world cup in Germany ("Die Welt zu Gast bei Freunden"), plus all five mint marks, on the edges. So you cannot tell which piece was made where ... except ...


The text of the inscription includes the character E five times. In four of the five E's the horizontal "bars" have the same length; one E however has a shorter middle bar. And that indicates where the coin is from. ;)



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In the US we seem to have lost the art of edge lettering, though the 1992 Olympic Baseball commems had lettering and reeding on the edge. The Saint-Gaudens double eagles of course had a lettered edge stating "E Pluribus Unum" while the Saint-Gaudens eagles (aka Indian $10) had stars on the edge, 46 from 1907 to 1911 and 48 stars from 1912 to 1933. Bust halves had lettered edges too, stating the value, "50 cents or half a dollar."

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The 2004 (and later) 5 Rand coin from South Africa:


Milled edge with raised lettering in groove


There is a groove around the edge of the coin with equal width of edge reeding to each side. Incuse lettering “SARB R5” appears ten times around the coin’s edge, in the otherwise plain groove.


The only other circulation coin types with lettering in a groove that come to mind are the Hong Kong 5 Dollars of 1980 to 1998 (KM-46, 56 and 65). On those coins the lettering in the groove is raised and the inscription is in both English and Chinese.

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Another interesting edge design is that of the Swiss 5 fr coins. The pieces have an insciption (Dominus providebit) which used to be incuse until the late 1960s, then elevated until the mid-80s, then incuse again until 1993, and elevated again since then ... :ninja:


Hey, I never noticed that!! Thanks for the info, another coin for my type set and I happen to have it already ;)

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An ornament and a safeguard.




Noone provokes me with impunity.




True am I to my country.


With the change to the "bridge" themed £1 coins in 2004, the edge lettering has been replaced with various styles of ornamental.


The majority of all £2 and £5 coins of the UK also carry various edge descriptions. The standard bi-metallic £2 piece carries the phrase "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants", which was taken from a letter Isaac Newton wrote to a fellow scientist, with the full text being "If I have seen futher, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." Basically, he was trying to explain that he never would have advanced sciences as far as he did if there were not others before him who had advanced it to the point it was.


Some of the more interesting quotes from the £2 are the 2003 DNA commem, which has it spelled out on the edge "deoxyribonucleic acid", the 2005 Guy Fawkes (GunPowder Plot) commem, with the edge "Remember Remember the Fifth of November", and the 2005 St. Pauls' Cathedral (WWII) issue, with the Churchill quote "In victory, magnamity, in peace, goodwill"


The Millenium (1999 & 2000) £5 issues carry the edge legend "What's Past is Prologue"

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Last year's €10 coin from Greece (Mount Olympus National Park) also has a peculiar edge design: It is indented, but instead of the seven notches that we know from the "Spanish flower" coins (e.g. the 20 cent pieces) it has 5 x 2 indentations.



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