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kuhli's world coin auctions


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And another.....




Ends Friday 21-Oct-05 at 9:00pm EST

Opening bid: $0.10

Postage: $1.00

[scans upon request]


Today's lot:


1945 Spain 5 centimos (aluminum), VG

1964 Ireland 6 pence, F

1936 Italy 10 centesimi (less common KM#74, with fasces & shield on reverse), VG

1927 Japan 10 sen (center hole), VG

2004 United Kingdom 2 cents, XF+ (most likely AU+, but I like to be conservative)

1962 Bulgaria 1 stotinki, XF+


I will hold your winnings to combine payments & shipping ($1 for first auction, .50c each extra), just let me know, and I will set them aside with your name on them.

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