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Back to coins contest...ENDED

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Ok. Instead of a prize bag now I have a drawer and it's quite full. So, this one is for a mix of coins as usual.




The contest is...


Guess how much I spent yesterday on basket supplies.


All guesses in US dollars.


One guess per person. The closest without going over wins.


Contest ends Wednesday at 7:30pm CST.

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Let's see. You are female. This involves shopping. This is also a craft/creative type item. Basing my guess upon very similar real life situations I encounter wife my wife in this area, I am going to say:




give or take a grand or two.




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I used to know a woman that made baskets professionally. She made them look so darn perfect...a MS-69 if they had a grade. Her real specialty was in the painting. She would take brushes and cut all the bristles off except for two or three (no kidding) and paint with those. I never bothered to ask how much she sold them for, but she made enough to pay for a lot of nice things.


I am going to guess $325.25



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;) No, but I didn't expect insulting either.


:lol: Sorry if it seemed that way! I was just a-joking!



You have to understand that I live in a Craft House and have for almost 15 years. In fact, the wife was up selling stuff at the Flea Market all weekend. :ninja: She says she made over $300 but I think she is taking a page from the Enron Accounting Handbook. ;)

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I will take a guess at 145.50, thats cause I'm a thrifty shopper ;) I'm kinda wondering which direction any of those baskets will be heading, I wonder if the basket fairy will steal one and carry if off to a far away destination like... I don't know ... maybe CANADA! :ninja: ( Ya I know the prize is coins, can't blame me for trying!)

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