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Some large silver coins

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3 coins here to sell, all of them have silver content in it.


Part of the ex-Britsh Empire, so if you are a Britsh colony collector, these coins are for you ;)


Australia - 1937, 1 crown, XF, 22 USD, few scratches and a mark

S. Africa - 1897, 2 1/2 shillings, F-VF- 7USD (On hold)

S. Africa - 1923, 2 1/2 shillings, VF-XF- 7USD (On hold)


Technical details of the following coins:


1937 1 crown - diameter: 38.25, thickness: 2.93, total weight: 28.2

1897 2.5 shilling - diameter: 32, thickness: 1.94, total weight: 13.9

1923 2.5 shilling - diameter: 32, thickness: 2.03, total weight: 14.2


Diameter and thickness in terms of mm and mass in terms of grams. The penny is there for size illustration.


Pics are here:





Bigger pictures are always available. ;)


Shipping is 2 USD and lame fees are absorbed. Priority will be given to people who are willing to use PayPal. If you want to purchase them all, shipping will be for free.


I can get more large crowns like one shown if you wish but I cannot unfortunately make any discounts - that's how expensive they are :ninja: Unless you want a VF one, prices would be slightly cheaper. :lol:



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