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Who have you met in person?


If you go to an ANA convention or a regional show like FUN or CSNS, you cannot help but meet other authors. At my first ANA convention in Detroit in 1994, I shared a dinner table with Wayne Sayles and his family. Working for Coin World on the first day just about tripled the number of writers I knew at that time. At ANA shows in 1999 and 2000, standing at the CW booth, I met more writers than I could beat with a stick. A few months ago, I discovered that Dan Freidus lives a couple of miles from me. I already told my best Alan Berman story.


For all of that, the one writer I was most pleasantly surprised to bump into, almost literally, was David Lange at the Cleveland ANA in 1996.

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I've met a few numismatic book folks.


Q. David Bowers - quite a few years ago.


James Ruddy - ditto


Ken Bresset


Rick Snow


Scott Tavers


That's about all I can remember at the moment.

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I was going to say no one and then I remembered that Anthony Swiatek has written some books (although I don't have any of them). I talked briefly with him at a coin show several years ago. He was a very nice man and quite nice to the person I was there with who was a US Commem collector. I mostly just listened. :ninja:

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