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I seem to have entered the most items under Exonumia. In fact what I think you should have is a checkbox to indicate that the item is exonumia and still allow it to be classified under its country. NCLT might be another attribute to add at the same time.


With these two options you could enter a medal under France, check it as exonumia and someone looking for French medals would be able to find them easier. Since they would be separate database attributes you could add them to the search page to allow further filtering.

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Great idea, Vern !!! I, for one, like it.

If not, how about relabelling the TWO Exonumia categories as something else. Perhaps US Exonumia, and World Exonumia.


But I still like Vern's suggestion best :ninja:

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Yeah even a re-label would help. One of the coolest things about this site is the dynamic nature of it all. The ability to zero in on your interests and see what others have posted means that you can see items you either can't afford or never knew existed. That helps create a huge virtual numismatic museum and community and let's face it that's what the internet should really be for!


Oh, all right there's probably other reasons for it to exist...




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Exonumia is already broken down by continent, there is an Exonumia country in each one.


Actually that is the point. If I'm looking for Swiss shooting medals I've got to hunt through all those darn Napoleonic ones! ;)



Edited to spell Napoleonic correctly... :ninja:

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