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Series B Notes


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Series B



Serial number and Mintage figures (or rather printage figures!) :ninja:


Currently stands at;



Twenty Guineas




H Mint = 18 specimens (Cancelled due to technical problems)*

S Mint = 30 specimens (printed)



*All twenty guinea notes will be supplied by S mint, the current 30 are enough to cover immediate demands but a second issue will be arranged at a later date.


Also note the S mint purple 20s exist in 2 forms, light purple which is the intial run and a much darker purple for the later run, this was due to using different printers.





S Mint = 4 specimens (printed) [These are larger than the purple variant]



Ten Guineas


H Mint = 30 specimens (printed)

S Mint = 20 specimens (printed)

X Mint = 30 specimens (printing ongoing)



Five Guineas


H Mint = 30 specimens (printed)

N Mint = 30 specimens (printed) [Printed double sided]

S Mint = 10 specimens (printed)

X Mint = 30 specimens (printing ongoing)




Total mintage figures of denominations;


Twenty Guineas = 30 (max possible quota = 52)

Ten Guineas = 80 (max possible quota = 104)

Five Guineas = 100 (max possible quota = 130)



Total mintage output by mint;



H (Helsinki) = 60 notes

N (New York) = 30 notes

S (Sheffield) = 64 notes

X (mystery Australian mint) = 60



Total number of Series B guinea denominated notes = 214 notes

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Full mintage figures are now included in post three above. S mint is still producing the last run of Series A twenties.


Hopefully by tuesday/wednesday S mint notes will be completely printed. Time will be needed however, to finish the notes off and to sort out posting arrangements etc.


Expected posting out dates of notes will be end of Nov.

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