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C is for Coo-kie!

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Ok, as my asylumites know, I have been kicking this idea around....



As a hobby I make baskets with yummy goodies inside. I've wondered how they would ship, so...


This prize will not be a coin or anything numismatic at all, but a Halloween/Autumn themed basket with cookies and other goodies made by me. Kind of like so, but different. Each one is unique. I decorate the baskets myself, bake the goodies myself, package everything myself. Except there may be some pre-packaged type or drink or drink mix.






For entry just give me a story, memory or anything you like about Halloween. For those who don't celebrate it, substiture autumn.



Side note. I would like the winner to report back to me the condition of the contents when it arrives.


Contest ends on Friday at oh noonish. The basket will not be shipped until the last week of October.


Here's a few I've made for other seasons...




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Last Halloween I sat on the front porch in a gorilla suit with a candy bowl in my lap. When kids would search through the bowl I'd stick my hand out with a piece of candy in it.


Their reactions were priceless. One girl stood there for a few seconds confused and then ran away yelling. She got a few extra pieces :ninja:

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Nicely decorated gift baskets, Tiff! Now I won't participate in this contest, but let me just say that we do have Halloween around here. ;) That "trend" started in Germany, say, about 15 to 20 years ago, with spooky parties mostly for/with young adults ...


Why adults? Because for kids there is Martin's Day, for example, on 11 November (referring to St. Martin of Tours). They have lantern "processions" on that day, and then go to various houses (in cities that would particularly be stores) to do that trick-or-treat thing. However, that day was/is celebrated primarily in areas that used to be mostly Catholic. So a short while after the adults started with their Halloween parties, kids elsewhere wanted their treats too. :ninja:


Pumpkins have been around for quite a while but are mostly used for decoration "as they are", in dozens of shapes and colors. The Jack-o-Lantern thing is fairly new in DE, I think, but I'm not so sure about that.


Wearing funny or spooky costumes is certainly not unknown to people around here, especially in those cities where Karneval/Fastnacht is celebrated (with the peak being Rose Monday, ie. the day before "Mardi Gras"). But again, Karneval is not everywhere. Halloween is a great opportunity for both kids and adults to fill that gap - and then, why not do both or all: Karneval, Halloween and Martin's Day ...



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2 years ago on the day that the neighborhood children are allowed to go out to 'trick-or-treat' I was scheduled to have a kidney stone removed from my right kidney. It had been stuck there for a while and was beginning to restrict the flow from that kidney.


The evening before the surgery, about 8 pm, I had another 'kidney stone attack; that is, a complete blockage of flow occurred. My mother, who lives only a couple of blocks away from my home, accompanied me to the emergency room where I was administered some fairly strong medicine.


By the time the partial flow was restored it was nearly 3:00 am, and my surgery was scheduled for 8:00 am in that same hospital complex. The hospital administration, in an uncharacteristic display of logical thinking, decided to allow me to remain in the hospital room I was in for the remainder of the early morning hours rather than discharge me and force me to either go home (30 miles away) or sleep in the waiting room, and everyone knows how amazingly comfortable hospital waiting rooms are in the middle of the night.


My mom stayed with me the whole time and did crossword puzzles while I dozed in and out of drug induced unconsciousness.


The time came for the surgery. It was delayed until 11:00 am but that was no big problem, I had already been there for 16 hours in the hospital bed, what was a few more. The surgery itself took about 2 hours and I was in the recovery room for at least another 2 hours. Everything came out fine (pardon the pun).


It seemed, almost as soon as I awoke the nurse rushed up to me and asked if I could stand up. Being a guy, and being very groggy, I did not see the handwriting on the wall and forced myself to comply and got up.


She then asked if I could go to the bathroom. That I had a bit more trouble with and when I did it was rather painful, but I followed those instructions as well.


After passing her two tests I was given my bag of clothes, told to get dressed and allowed (forced) to leave. I was as nearly as astonished as my mom was (who was still with me by the way), and she was a nurse for 25 years.


Well, I got dressed and we found our own way out of the hospital. No wheelchair escort, not even a wheelchair. And after having an operation in that sensitive area, I could have REALLY used a wheelchair.


By the time we got to the parking lot and her car we had been there 25 hours straight. And she was up most of that time. Me being her oldest son, she said she was only able to cat-nap off and on. So she was tired. She said she would just stay at my house for a little while, to keep an eye on me while my wife and children went out to "trick-or-treat" because it was the next day, and that next day was Halloween.


I was going to stay behind and just pass out candy to the local children. Since this is an older neighborhood there aren't that many children to begin with so I knew it would be a light turnout. And my mom was still with us so if anything unexpected came up, it could be dealt with. Now it has been 24 hours since we arrived at the hospital the last evening (not counting the 12 hours everyone had already been awake just doing regular everyday stuff). So I know she was tired.


My 5 year old son wants to be a witch for Halloween. He has the pointy hat, I put some green face makeup on his face. Everything was in place, even the broom and long cape.


Our little girl is only 1 so she is dressed in a warm onesie that looks like Winnie-the-Poo. But since she is only one we have gates that separate the rooms of the house to keep her from getting in trouble. My son, rather than open the gates, likes to climb over the gates to go from room to room.


The time came to go out and my wife calls to the now boy/witch to get a move on. He climbs the gate... *WHAM* he hits the deck. Nothing too concerning, he sometimes does fall over the gate and he gets told again to not climb the gate.


"It's not broken, it's not broken..." is the cry we are greeted to from him. Apparently he had gotten his cape tangled up around him and when he fell he could not properly break his fall. So his fall broke his arm. It was a clean break, half way between the wrist and the elbow.


Bent at an unnatural angle his only thoughts were that somehow it wasn't broken. It clearly was.


I took the little girl away from my wife. My mom volunteered to take them to the hospital while I watch the baby. My wife cradled our wounded boy into the car and they sped off to the hospital.


The girl and I spent an uneventful evening at home. No trick-or-treaters at all this time. My poor mom though. She had not had any sleep worth mentioning for the last 35 hours and after one hospital transfer for the boy to the Children's Hospital and the setting and casting of the boy's arm by the time they all got home Halloween was long over, the boy had a cast from his wrist to his shoulder, the wife was emotionally spent with concern, and mom was nearly unconscious from almost 50 hours straight, most of which either sitting with her son or grandson in the hospital.


So, if I get the cookies, I will have them shipped to my mom. Even though it was 2 years ago, that was a Halloween for the record books.

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I shall tell my story in Pictures:


We went to a party at my buddies house


A Pregnant Nun and A Bling Bling Monk. Notice the Guiness :ninja:



My buddy Dan was Captain Planet. Man that was a great costume.



Phil was Jack from Jack In The Box. His Wife was a Cop. See Jack "cop" a feel?



This is M&M Guy



M&M Guys brains



We all desided to hop in the PT Cruiser and...



Go To Jack In The Box!!



Jack orders from his employees.



His Pictures on the wall.


To be continued...

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And we depart.



Back at home Jack relaxes with a Smoke and a Beer



The drinking continues, this time its La Fin Du Monde (Unibroue, Canada :ninja:)



A Beer Bong Comes Out!!! Go Bobby Go!


There was lots of random pics that night. My digi cam got passed around like a.... well something you pass around ;). It seems when you are drunk and there are cats arouns and you have a camera... pictures are taken of the cats. One of phils cats eats Katchup ;)


Thats my story and Im sticken to it!



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When I was 11 I had no clue what to wear for Trick or Treating. We had a large Lamp at home and my Mom bought a new shade for it. She handed me the old shade and said "wear this". So I did.

Full white long Johns, Lamp shade with a peep hole and written on it...."Lit at night".

I got invited into lots of houses that year to show off.

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Well heck you could just say "My favorite thing about Halloween is candy."  For all I care.  :ninja:


My favorite thing about haloween is candy. I especially like those little sugar pumpkins with the green tops..

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