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Paving the way for better numismatic experience


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Hi to everyone passionate about coin collecting, whether you’re into research, trading, or preserving them! I’m Art – the founder of https://coinlectic.com. It's exciting to introduce myself here and share what I'm doing! So, currently, I'm building a tool to help numismatists around the globe save time and gain a better awareness of their hobby.

I’m not a PRO collector, but for the last 8 years, even an amateur guy like me always felt like something was wrong with numismatics. It has never been an easy one for me… And put bluntly – it feels like technology skipped over it, making the experience of managing coins feel like you’re still living in the early 2000s. You have no place or tools that allow you, as a collector – so you can have a more enjoyable experience with it. It's never easy to understand what’s going on with your hobby on a global scale. No visibility; Hard to keep your coin inventory organized and updated; Lots exist as bookmarks in your browser; etc, etc. Things are all over the place! 

Last year, I started working on a small app that eliminates part of those daily hardships one may experience with numismatics. 

The bottomline:


I’m at a point where I need your help in the form of feedback on your ongoing pains with numismatics! If you can complete my 5-minute survey, you will help me a TON with building a great, user-centric product.

👀 Here's a link to the survey  https://forms.gle/KngDyhNWFTRXnV6o6

Thank you all in advance, and looking forward to your thoughts! 

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