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Lost registered mail with banknotes etc.


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A registered mail shipment with tracking number RE298920258LT shipped from Lithuania to Portugal was recently declared as lost (stolen) by the Lithuania Post (Lietuvos Pastas). It mysteriously disappeared after it was appearing in the online tracking results as "International dispatch" (from Vilnius). When I looked up similar cases, complaints and reports of missing registered mail sent from Lithuania I found several similar or rather identical cases where registered mail disappeared being mailed from Lithuania and never progressing beyond the "International dispatch". The complainers posted that it was an alleged theft of registered mail by a falsified tracking record.

Keep this in mind when ordering anything from Lithuania that there may be an alleged corruption in their postal service and ask the sender to insure everything. It only costs about €1 to insure up to €1200 for registered mail shipments (even letters) that are sent from Lithuania.

The contents of the stolen shipment was the following (banknotes). The seller did not provide me with serial numbers of any of the contents, thus I am unable to provide serial numbers in this post.

Mexico 50 Pesos 2021 x 10 pieces
Mexico 100 Pesos 2021 x 5 pieces
Namibia P-10b 200 Dollars ND x 1 piece
Trinidad & Tobago P-59 50 Dollars Polymer x 10 pieces
Venezuela P-100b 100,000 Bolivares 13 Dec. 2017 x 100 pieces
Venezuela P-113 500,000 Bolivares 2020 x 100 pieces
Venezuela 1 Million Bolivares 2020 x 50 pieces
Yemen 100 Rials 2018 x 100 pieces

The second part of the story is that prior to ordering the above listed banknotes from the Lithuanian wholesaler (Vygandas Kadzys, Numisnota SLU) I have asked him to insure the shipment, but he replied they do not practice insurance and that Registered mail is safe and that registered mail loss is very rare, which is kind of true. I also asked to ship via a speed courier, but the wholesaler replied that the cost via a courier is very expensive to my destination (even though he shipped to me via a speed courier before). Assuming the shipment will be insured by Mr. V.K. Numisnota SLU I placed the order, especially keeping in mind that their price list always included the following comforting statement:

"In case of lost package in mail, responsibility is shared equally between parties"

Also please see it attached to this message as well.

So I thought if a postal service of Lithuania (or Spain) fails to pay the insured value for the lost contents in case of a loss, I would at least receive 50% of the value of the goods from V.K., Numisnota SLU.

I was then asked by V.K. to pay for my order via Paypal via Friends & Family option to his trusted associate in another country and I asked whether I could pay with a regular Paypal and add 5% to the amount, to which V.K. replied that he does not want to receive any chargebacks to his friend's Paypal account in case if the shipment is lost and he added that if I don't pay him via F&F (Paypal) then he will cancel his business relationship with me. I decided what the heck, not being afraid of his threats to stop selling to me, but I wanted to just proceed and see what happens since I did pay his foreign associate once before (via F&F Paypal option) and even that on a couple occasions part of the banknotes were missing in the shipments from V.K. Numisnota V.K. shipped the missing banknotes to me via Registered mail (although the original delivery was once done by a speed courier).

After the postal investigation (by Lithuanian Postal service) was over and V.K. emailed me the reply from the postal service, he offered a compensation to me in an amount of €34,66 (for an order of €410) but not by a payment, but in a form of a credit for my "next order". Not planning to order from Vygandas Kadzys again, I realize I have lost the entire amount of €410 to a manipulative seller and won't even see the €34,66 compensation either. To my next inquiry asking to be compensated either a full amount of €410 or at least the promised €205 (50%) V.K. Numisnota responded that he compensates half of the amount ONLY in the case if the shipment was shipped via a speed courier. Yet his pricelist's header statement clearly writes "In case of lost package in mail...".


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