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Omnicoin - Top 25 Collections link, no longer works!

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Top 25 Collections no longer works.

The link is broken, once accessed instead of displaying the list of the top25 largest collections it display only the last coins uploaded. Practically identical to Top 25 Latest Additions.


Is there anyone else out there to manage this website today in 2022? Eventually be able to make a relink from the code.

(PS. In case there is someone still in charge of the website, I can come up with more suggestions, I am a Senior UX Designer by profession)

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@Corina You can acces the link "Top 25 collections BY SIZE" and see that top 25 with people that have biggest collections by size on Omnicoin website?


For me it only show top 25 latest addition . no matter if I click on top 25 collection by size link or top 25 latest aditions , it show the same stuff.

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